Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stir with Ice

Stir with Ice, 16"x20" oil on linen
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From the moment I started painting classic cocktails I've been thinking about how to best depict "the stir."  It is an elegant technique that is one of the core rituals in cocktail making along with "the shake."  When done with expertise, stirring a drink with ice brings out the perfect balance of taste, temperature and texture.  The unique Japanese mixing glass heightens the beauty of the stir in such a way that it is no wonder why it has become a staple in so many great bars.  Of course this wouldn't be a proper stir if not for those large blocks of ice being twisted around.  Ice of all forms is such an important element in the cocktail for both it's use and aesthetic.  Watching the ice melt and chill the glass while the drink reaches its finished product is a lovely sight indeed.

If you're interested in purchasing this painting feel free to email me for details, thanks!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tin Shaker

Tin Shaker, 11"x14" oil on linen

Like most of us, I started my home bar-tending career with a three piece cobbler shaker.  As my interest in the craft grew I graduated to the Boston shaker (a metal tin and a pint glass).  However, the more I went out to the classic bars, the more I realized that almost all of the bartenders simply use two tins for shaking.  So if you're like me and wondering, why is this?  Here are a few reasons why the pros choose this method.

1.  It's much lighter.  If you're going to shake cocktails for hours on end, don't make it harder on yourself.
2.  Metal on metal is going to make the drink colder faster.
3.  There is no glass to break or chip.  The last thing your customer wants is a chip of glass for garnish.

What do you think?  Is metal on metal the best, I'd love to hear your thoughts.